The Basics of an Electric Fence Energizer

The electric fence energizer is what drives the entire electric fence system. There are numerous makes and types of energizers, but the ones we prefer are manufactured by Nemtek. Specifically these are the Wizard 4 and the Merlin 4. The Merlin 4 comes with a keypad which can be installed where convenient. Energizers are usually fitted inside the house or building; however, occasionally they are situated outside. In the latter case, they must be properly shielded from the weather.
Electric Fence Energizer Wizard 4 Electric Fence Energizer Merlin 4
The energizer serves to create and transmit an electric pulse along the wires of the electric fence. It is also what detects if there is any interference in the system, such as wires being cut or pushed together in the event of someone jumping over the fence. The energizer can be connected to a siren, alarm system, panic button or siren so that you and your security company can be notified if there are any attempts to damage, get over or get through the fence. Electric fence energizers come with battery-backup. This is exceptionally useful if there is a power outage so that your fence keeps operating and your security is not compromised. The energizer must be regularly checked to see if the battery needs replacing. There is a light on the energizer that will shine if the battery is at end of life. There are a few things to consider when choosing your energizer. These include:
  • How long is the fence? The longer the fence, the larger the energizer required.
  • What type of wire is used. Some wires (e.g. stainless steel) offer more resistance and a larger energizer is needed.
  • How you want to control the energizer i.e. with a remote, a keypad etc.
  • How many zones you want – this is only applicable in the case of larger fences.


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