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Centurion D5 & D10 Gate motor installations

New Sliding Gate Motors

  • We install Centurion Sliding Gate Motors
  • Centurion D5 EVO for most residential gate
  • Centurion D10 for heavy gates and commercial gates
  • Best Quality and Best Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee

New Swing Gate Motors

  • We install Centurion Vantage Swing Gate Motors
  • Single or Duel Swing Gate Motors
  • Best Quality and Best Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee
Centurion Vertex / Vector / Vantage Gate motor installations

Centurion Gate Motor Repairs

Centurion gate motor repairs

Need a new garage door?

Example of broken garage door
Example of broken garage doors
Centurion SD04 garage door motor

New Garage Door Motors

  • We install Centurion Garage door motors
  • We service your door before we install your new motor
  • Best Quality and Best Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee

New Steel and Wooden garage doors

  • We install new steel and wooden sectional garage doors and rollup doors
  • Our installations include a new pine frame for a better finish and adjustability
  • We do a free checkup after 8 weeks to check that everything is working properly
  • 1 Year Guarantee
40 panel double steel sectional garage door brown

Garage door Repairs

Garage door repairs - parts
Nemtek Wizord 4 Electric Fence Energisers

New Electric Fence Energizer

  • We install Nemtek Electric Fence Energisers
  • We will test where the fault occurs
  • Great Qyuality and Support
  • 1 Year Guarantee

New Electric Fence Installations and Repairs

  • We install new wall top electric fences
  • Do you need your electric fence repaired?
  • We will help you find the fault
Wall top electric fence

Need CCTV Installed or CCTV Broken?

Hikvision CCTV Camera
Monitor for CCTV Camera
At Mr Gate Mr Garage it is all about you, our client, and getting your gates, garages and electric fencing working as fast as possible. How can we make you feel happy and satisfied with great service? How can we serve you? Choose Mr Gate Mr Garage for any of the following repairs or installations:   Another aspect we are focused on is to provide you with as much convenience as possible. We have made sure that you can easily book your house call using our website 24/7. Naturally we can only make appointments during business hours, but you can still book your house call whenever you are ready. As soon as our technicians get your request, or latest the next business day, we will contact you to make the appointment.
  • Do you have a broken gate or garage door?
  • Do you want to automate your gates and garages?
  • Do you need a new garage door installed?
  • Do you have a gate or garage door motor that needs repair?
It is very inconvenient to deal with all these problems. And you are thinking:
  • Who can I contact to help?
  • I don’t have the time to struggle with opening and closing gates and garages manually.
  • It is not safe to get out of my car to open and close gates and garages.
  • I don’t have the time, equipment or experience to do this myself
  • Where can I find someone that can help me today or tomorrow?
  • I rely on my automation. Can someone please help me get it working as soon as possible?
  • I need someone to come out to my home or business.
  • We need our electric fencing for our safety and security!
Well you don’t have to search for any more websites in order to answer all these questions and thoughts you may have. You can relax now, because, you have arrived at the best website to help you sort out your Gate, Garage and Electric Fence problems. We offer fast, friendly and reliable services in areas Johannesburg, Randburg, Roodepoort, Sandton, Midrand. Our friendly team will help you!

What is the quickest way to get assistance?

  1. You can phone 082 367 7818 or send us an email at info[at]
  2. We will quickly discuss your gate, garage or electric fencing requirements with you.
  3. Then we will get your contact details and address so that we can add you to our job list.
  4. A technician will contact you before he comes through.
  5. After diagnosing your needs he will give you a quote for the work or repairs.
  6. When you accept the quote, the technician will either fix it immediately or, if needed, acquire the new or replacements parts for you from reputable suppliers.
  7. In some instances a deposit may be required before the start of work.
  8. Payments can be made with cash, via EFT or through online credit card facilities (please note this is online use of your credit card and not a credit card machine).
  9. Payment terms are COD.