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These are some of the common problems that lead to the need for gate repairs.

  • My gate wheel broke
  • My gate has come off the rails
  • My gate hinge has come loose
  • Someone drove into my gate!

Even if your problem is not on this list, we can assist you!

Give Us a call so that we can do an on-site assessment of you gate repairs and give you a quote.

Great service + your safety and convenience is most important to us!

We understand how important it is for you to have your automatic gate working properly. Not only is it the convenience of giving you easy and quick access to your home, but, more crucial, is that automated gates add to your safety and security. We do most repairs on-site so that the process is more efficient.

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Tired of waiting for most companies to get back to you? Mr Gate Mr Garage pays a great deal of attention to you, our most valued client. We carefully manage each client and their needs, and make sure we communicate and follow up regularly.
Not having working automatic gate means you don’t have ease and safety when accessing your property. Mr Gate Mr Garage knows how valuable your time is, and how important it is to get your gate functioning properly. We make your gate repair our priority.

We work with swinging or sliding gates and Centurion or Hansa gate motors.

Gate Repairs

Our gate repair services include, not only repair of the motor, but also the gate parts and the gate itself. For example, we may need to repair the gate latch or doing some welding work to help your gate operate optimally.

Often if someone crashes into your gate it can push the gate off the rails or it can even fall over. This can damage the gate motor and/or the gate itself. Mr Gate Mr Garage can do the repairs and get your get up and running again quickly.

Give us a call now 082 367 7818, or email us on info[at] to get your gate repair booked today!

We can assist you over a large area of Johannesburg with gate repairs in the the whole of Randburg and Sandton (including Fourways), areas in Midrand as well as the West Rand and Roodepoort (including areas such as Weltevreden Park and Ruimsig);  Look at our service area list for more information on the areas we cover for electric gates repairs or give us a call on 082 367 7818.

Gate Maintenance

Both the gate and the motor need to be maintained. When it comes to the gate, you must keep the gate rails and the wheels clean. Always remove any debris from that area. For examples, soil, leaves, stones, sand etc. You may find that you need to build a retaining wall or add special drainage so that soil is not washed to the gate area and also so that water does not collect around the motor.

You need to make sure that the wheels are running smoothly all of the time otherwise the gate motor has to work harder and will not last as long.

Do not grease the gate wheels or racking as it attracts dirt which will damage the mechanisms of the gate.

If the metal of the gate begins to rust, first you need to remove the flaking rust from the gate – there is no need to sand it down to the metal. Then you apply a rust converter which will convert the rust back to metal. Wait a day and then you can paint over the area.

You do not need to wash your gate, so rather go for a darker colour so that the dirt doesn’t show up so much.

Maintaining your gate and gate motor can increase the life of your gate motor and delay the need for gate motor repairs or a new gate motor installation.

Give us a call now 082 367 7818, or email us on info[at] to get your gate repair booked today!

Gate and Gate Motor Parts

We supply all gate automation equipment, electric gate parts and accessories. These include:

  • Gate wheels for sliding gate. There can be different wheels required depending on the track.
  • Anti-theft bracket. These are important in auto gate installations as this protects the gate motor from being stolen.
  • V-track for sliding gates. This must be installed correctly and must be maintained together with the wheels for smooth and long-lasting operation of your electric sliding gate.
  • Safety beams – infra-re safety beams. These must be included in any good automatic gate system. They prevent the car from closing on a gate or a person.
  • Electric gate locks and magnetic gate locks. These are used mainly on single swing gates for added security, however, they can also be used on double swing and sliding gates if desired.
  • Security Access keypads can be wired to your gate to control entering the premises.

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