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We specialise in garage door motor repairs

Garage door motor repairs
  • Doors not opening or closing properly
  • Garage Door Motor Repaired or Replaced
  • Batteries, remotes, receivers etc.
  • Let the experts sort you out

These are some of the common problems that lead to the need for  garage door motor repairs.

  • Garage door is not opening
  • Garage closes and opens only partially
  • My remote is not opening the door
  • The garage door motor makes an odd noise
  • My garage door motor does not work at all!
  • The trolley carriage moves but the door doesn’t open.
  • The wall switch is not operating.
  • The door opens but only closes when you hold the wall switch.
  • The lights are out.
  • The motor makes a noise but the door doesn’t move

Even if your problem is not on this list, we can assist you!

Garage Door Motor Repair or new installation?

  • This is an important question!
  • It depends on the age of the garage door motor and,
  • It depends on what the problem is.

If it is a very old garage door opener, you almost always will get better value for your money by replacing it. Read more about new garage door motor installations.

Give Us a call so that we can do an assessment of you automatic garage door motor repairs and give you a quote.

Professional service + your security and convenience is most important to us!

Having a working garage door motor is imperative to your safety and increases your convenience. Having it repaired as soon as possible is our aim.

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