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Get A New Centurion Gate Motor Installed

Get New Centurion Gate Motor Installed

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Why have a gate that needs to be opened manually when you can quickly and easily switch to the convenience and safety of automatic gates? We install gate motors that have a back-up battery so that you will still work have an automatic gate, even when there is loadshedding. An electric gate ensures your security and comfort. Your gate motor automation includes the motor, batteries and installation, as well as gate opener remotes. We can also supply you with addition remotes for your gate motor if you need.

Great service + your safety and convenience is most important to us!

We understand how important it is for you to have a properly functioning gate opener. On the one hand it is the convenience of giving you easy and comfortable access to your property. But most importantly it impacts your safety and security.

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Not having an automatic gate means you don’t have the joy of speedy, secure and easy access to your property. Mr Gate Mr Garage knows how valuable your time is, and how important it is to get your gate automated.

Gate Motor Battery Back-up

Having automated gates is convenient, yes, but, more importantly these days, is that they provide additional security. If your gate motor is not working, you are at a higher risk of being hijacked in your driveway or having thieves enter your property. When there is a power outage – which is a common problem these days – your gate motor will not work unless there is a back-up power supply. Many of the old motors do not have a back-up battery. Therefore, it would be better to install a new motor which has batteries to supply power when there are electricity outages.

Gate Motor Life-time

A good-quality gate motor that is installed correctly and is the correct model for its requirements should last 10 to 15 years. The main problem that is encountered and is the reason for gate motors not lasting as long they should is that the motor that is installed is not big enough for the gate that it needs to move or because the motor is having to work at its maximum ability continuously. The correct gate motor must be installed depending on the weight and size of the gate.

Gate Safety and Security

These days it is considered necessary to have gates close automatically after a vehicle or person passes through. This reduces the security risk as there is no room for human error and the period over which the gates are open is reduced. This is where the infra-red beams come into play. They detect whether there is anything in the path of the gate and prevent it from closing if there is. The gate closure must neither be too fast nor too slow as you want one that moves rapidly enough for security, but is slow enough to prevent any collisions or injury.

An anti-theft cage prevents the motor from being tampered with or stolen. These are mostly very effective so long as they don’t have common keys. As an added precautionary message, an anti-theft bracket can be installed on the gate motor.

A good addition to your gate security is CCTV cameras. These can be both inside and outside so that you can record whether anyone is entering or exiting the property and you can have a record of it after the fact.

Remember to try to make your entrance way as open as possible so that there is no place for robbers to hide. Remove bushes and install lights.

Driveway gate alarms are also available. This is an alarm that is triggered if the gate stays open for longer than a pre-set amount of time. This is important to warn you when your gate is open so that you can decrease your security risk and also make sure the pets and children stay in your yard.

In fact, the Centurion gate motors that we install enable you to programme the speed at which the gate opens and closes; so you can have it open quickly and then close slowly for extra safety precaution.

With security being such an increasing issue these days, you need to have an effective and reliable remote access security solution and a warning system.

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Automated Gate Remotes

Make sure that your remotes are in working order and are set at the correct range so that you can open the gate and drive through comfortably without having stop and increase the risk of attack.

If you lose a remote, make sure that you get all of your remotes changed. This will ensure that the lost or stolen remote is no longer operational. With old technology you could copy the code from one remote to the next, however, the new technology does not allow for this so people can’t make a copy of your remote.

Remember that you can get one remote to open your gate as well as your garage doors.

Gate Motor Makes and Models

There are two major gate automation suppliers in South Africa. These are Centurion and Nice Hansa. You will find that the majority of gate motors that have been installed and that are currently being installed are from one of these two gate motor manufacturers. We prefer these two makes we are experts in installing and repairing both of them and all of the various models. However, we also repair and install other makes and models if required. Centurion and Nice Hansa are well-established companies and the parts are readily available for their different gate motors and accessories. With other makes it is sometimes difficult, if not impossible to get spare parts or replacements particularly if the gate motor is old.

There is a wide range of different types of gate motors. We will determine the best motor for your requirements before giving you a quote and installing the auto gate motor.

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