Maintaining your Gate Motor Battery

It is important to keep your gate motor battery in good working order. Under normal circumstances and with good care, it should last two to three years. Here are some tips as to how to take care of your gate motor so that you get maximum life from it.
Gate motor battery

Gate Motor Battery Voltage

The battery charger usually keeps the battery voltage about 12V. If there is a power outage or problem with the charger, the battery will start to run down. When the voltage falls below 10.5V you will need to replace the battery.  

Power Failures

The Centurion D5 Evo sliding gate opener does not run directly from the power mains. It is driven by a battery that is charged by the mains. So if the battery has run down, the motor will not work properly even if there is power. The battery does not function as a back-up. During power outages, the battery will enable you to still use the automated gate, but only until it runs down. With a Centurion D5 Evo your gate can normally be opened ten to twenty times using the battery when there is no power. As soon as your battery runs down it will need to be replaced – even if the battery is new. Therefore, if a power outage is long (more than 4 hours) or the gate is opened and closed often, it is best to disengage the motor and use the gate on manual.
The new Centurion D5 Evo gives a beeping sound when the power is off, but unfortunately this functionality is not present on the older models and the Hansa gate motors.

Charging the Gate Motor Battery

If you are needing to replace batteries often, then you may want to consider other charging options. These include using a deep cycle battery or a solar charger. With the solar charger, the battery is charged by the sun during the day and then at night the gate runs on battery power.

Basic Checks for Your Gate Motor Battery

  • ┬áMake sure that the battery terminals are connected correctly.
  • Check that the battery voltage is above 10.5V. If it is below this you will need a new battery
  • Make sure that there is no build-up around the battery terminals.

How to check your Centurion D5 EVO battery health


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